YouTube Trends

Google has just launched YouTube Trends which will highlight and provide commentary on videos that are going viral (or ‘poppin’ per the video). Given that they’ve been responsible for some of the most watched videos this year, it’s only appropriate that they worked with the Gregory Brothers on the launch video.


Rogers in talks to be majority stakeholder in MLSE

The deal, if true, would allow Rogers to spread original and extremely valuable sports content across its multiple platforms, from cable TV to wireless smart phones to its Internet portals. With rivals such as BCE Inc. and Shaw Communications Inc. laying down huge multibillion-dollar bids for networks like CTV Inc. and CanWest Global Communications Corp.'s TV assets, Rogers -- which already owns some broadcasting assets -- has been pushing further into sports deals. It has already struck content deals with the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames, and recently dropped an undisclosed amount of money to purchase the naming rights to what is now known as the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, which included valuable content deals with the Vancouver Canucks.
Globe & Mail

That this purchase is significantly about content tells you a lot about what telco’s are moving to achieve these days. They’re not happy just being the pipe. 


The Opinion section in Murdoch’s ‘The Daily’

With The Daily, Murdoch is doing something rare in his long career: building a media property from the ground up rather than reinventing an existing paper, as he did with the New York Post andThe Wall Street Journal. He’s using the opportunity to try to craft a major new editorial voice for the marketplace. In stark contrast to those of Murdoch’s existing American papers, The Daily’s politics will be centrist and pragmatic—Bloobergian, if you prefer—according to people close to the project.“  

 As an avid consumer of media on my iPad, I’m looking forward to seeing “The Daily” as well as what others do as a response. I’m hoping it helps to accelerate innovation in this area. 

Ornithological Documentation of Angry Birds,

I’ve been on quite the Angry Bird/Cute the Rope kick of late… via Like Cool.


Facebook And MySpace Schedule Joint Announcement For Thursday

This should be interesting. Although not impossible, I doubt MySpace will jump right on the social graph although they might just open the door a bit more to Facebook – if they were to totally dump their ‘social platform’ why not do it as part of the redesign they’ve just launched and go for a bigger-bang re-launch?


Jimmy Wales to Announce Wiki 2.0

Integration of social tools would be a given, but I’m most interested by the stated “new opportunities for brands to get involved in the conversation with their fans.” This seems like a a bit of an editorial departure, depending on how it’s implemented. I don’t have a formed opinion as of yet, but I can imagine that masses might have an issue with brands having any ability to engage in the platform in a way that is more powerful or authoritative than any individual user. The populist nature of Wikipedia has always been it’s major appeal (to some). 

An improved and more user friendly visual inputing/editing interface may also help solicit more content/edits from new users. 

Star Wars Augmented Reality Game

This is hands down the coolest use of augmented reality I’ve seen – emersive gaming like this will be huge. 


Angry Birds Stop Motion Video

I had to post this video as this game is at least partially responsible for why I haven’t posted in so long. Great stop motion, all done with cardboard. 


Facebook Testing Places Powered Deals Service

I have heard this was coming, but would be interested to see the details and how it would compete with things like Groupon or SCVNGR. Those speculating whether Facebook would acquire either of them might note that they frequently state that integrating external code/programs is cumbersome and not designed to be social the way a Facebook developed application will be. 


Banksy On Publicity

Banksy doesn’t seem to be a believer of PR. Go figure. via @TDefren and @CaitrinO